#ProjectOne: 52 Kuroilers project by Yitedev-Uganda and Kirucodo

Innovative agri-businesses can play important roles in improving the livelihoods of youths in Uganda. For example, through directly providing them (access to) tools to increase their production in quality or quantity, to extend harvest shelf life or to add value through processing the agricultural produce or more indirectly, through increasing the demand for their produce, connecting them to markets or improving their enabling environment with supporting services.

YITUg a non-profit making organization currently majoring in ICT designs like: website, database, hardware design, promoting and equipping primary/secondary students and teachers ICT skills involving computer training.  These projects are headed by Mr. Stephen kalyesubula a student at Makerere University majoring in Embedded Systems and Mr. Paul Kasoma a student at Muteesa 1 University majoring in ICT with the help of Mr. Kibaya Robert the director of KIRUCODO.

KIRUCODO currently acting as our donor availed 52 Croilers this month to YITUg, this project is meant to benefit rural areas. Continue reading #ProjectOne: 52 Kuroilers project by Yitedev-Uganda and Kirucodo


Matibabu the revolutionary technique for malaria diagnosis

Matibabu the revolutionary technique to diagnose malaria using a smartphone app is set to receive funding from President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta after the Mozilla Festival East Africa.

Museveni, who was chief guest at the Mozilla Festival East Africa on Saturday promised to find $55,000 (sh180m) to fund the project to its completion.

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Ugandan student develops farming drone.

A Ugandan student from makerere student is developing a drone which he believes could make farming in his country more efficient. CCTV America’s Leon Ssenyange reports.

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are largely associated with military strikes and surveillance operations. However, Emmanuel Kolyang, 24, thinks his drone could help Ugandan farmers gather data on large plantations, without breaking the bank.
Here is the video demonstrating how the drone works…..

Adventure Wows it……

Uganda Culture Tourism
This country has a rich diverse cultural heritage. The different 56 cultural groups that make up Uganda have distinct norms and beliefs that form a deep-rooted culture which is evident in the day to day live of the people as the dress, dance, their art crafts and feeding. Culture has greatly promoted peace and harmony in this country together with international understanding. Discover and learn the tradition and life style of Ugandan people which are unique to each cultural group. The exhilarating ceremonies that commemorate historic events or celebrated in particular seasons annually keep their culture alive.