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Youths in Technology and Development – Uganda (YITEDEV) is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization registered with the Government of Uganda as a Company Limited by Guarantee (NPO Reg. No. 214843). The Organization’s Mission is to create Tech Communities of practice where the appropriate use of technology creates opportunities for the Youths leading to Sustainable Community Development with a focus at integrating technology in day-to-day community development interventions for the wellbeing of all the youths.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are widely being adopted across every industry sector in the world. From health care to energy, from manufacturing to agriculture, etc. Our need for promoting the utilization of ICTs at all levels of community development is to increase youth engagement in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By reaching out to youth with key technologies, we are playing a pivotal in providing pathways from education to employment.

By understanding Labor Market trends, YITEDEV is offering viable solutions that tackle youth unemployment within the Ugandan economy.

With ICTs playing a crucial role in applications across the world and at either end of the development spectrum, and with such a high impact on young people, their explicit reference in such community development strategies is essential.

While access to technology and associated electronic content has significantly changed the lives of many young people in developed countries, this is not always the case for those in less developed countries like Uganda.  Access to ICTs such as computers, mobile phones and the Internet, especially broadband, remains a challenge for youth in the developing world. In addition, the cost of ICT access (mobile phones and Internet) is much higher as a proportion of per capita income in these particularly disadvantaged countries.

ICTs can engage and motivate youth to get involved in development and learning about their communities and thus forge increased commitment and empowerment.


At YITEDEV, our mission is to create communities of practice in which the appropriate use of technology creates opportunities for youths leading to Sustainable Community Development.

YITEDEV majorly works to integrate technology in day-to-day community development interventions with a focus at the wellbeing all the youths.


YITEDEV’s ambition is to empower youths with ICT skills leading to Sustainable Community Development.

Main objectives

  1. Promote ICT applications and utilization in: agriculture, health, rural development, education, environment, gender mainstreaming, water and sanitation among other key community development programs.
  2. Promote and support the use of ICTs by women, youth and children, so to take advantage of the opportunities presented by ICTs in order to effectively address continental, regional, national and local problems hindering Sustainable Community Development.
  3. Complement on the existing education system by making computers available to people of all ages, providing customized training, and encouraging and supporting the formation of Information Communication Technology businesses.




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