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Youths in Technology and Development – Uganda (YITEDEV) is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization registered with the Government of Uganda as a Company Limited by Guarantee (NPO Reg. No. 214843). The Organization’s Mission is to create Tech Communities of practice where the appropriate use of technology creates opportunities for the Youths leading to Sustainable Community Development with a focus at integrating technology in day-to-day community development interventions for the wellbeing of all the youths. Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are widely being adopted across every industry sector in the world. From health care to energy, from manufacturing to agriculture, etc. Our need for promoting the utilization of ICTs at all levels of community development is to increase youth engagement in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By reaching out to youth with key technologies, we are playing a pivotal in providing pathways from education to employment. By understanding Labor Market trends, YITEDEV is offering viable solutions that tackle youth unemployment within the Ugandan economy. With ICTs playing a crucial role in applications across the world and at either end of the development spectrum, and with such a high impact on young people, their explicit reference in such community development strategies is essential. While access to technology and associated electronic content has significantly changed the lives of many young people in developed countries, this is not always the case for those in less developed countries like Uganda. Access to ICTs such as computers, mobile phones and the Internet, especially broadband, remains a challenge for youth in the developing world. In addition, the cost of ICT access (mobile phones and Internet) is much higher as a proportion of per capita income in these particularly disadvantaged countries. ICTs can engage and motivate youth to get involved in development and learning about their communities and thus forge increased commitment and empowerment.

Ugandan team Wins Intellectual property awards and Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 World Online Finals

Stephen Kalyesubula, Alvin Leonard, Raymond Kiyegga and Fred Byakuyamba are team members of LabTECH.

They developed an integrated hardware and an android mobile application for diagnosis and monitoring of maternal health especially in low resource settings of Uganda. LabTECH Innovations project is an integrated solution called UriSAF. It’s for effective diagnosis and monitoring of maternal health in low resource settings with their application and Uri scope device. Continue reading Ugandan team Wins Intellectual property awards and Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 World Online Finals


Crystalite UV Water Purifier for Low Resource Settings in Uganda

Access to safe water is fundamental to the development of any community. Safe and reliable water restores hope and unlocks potential. In Uganda, national safe water coverage is estimated at 66% with 42% coverage in rural areas. Over 80% of the population in Uganda live in rural areas and 76% of the rural population receives water from a point water source. These point sources include bore holes and solar pumps that pump water from underground. Continue reading Crystalite UV Water Purifier for Low Resource Settings in Uganda

UriSAF Health Kit for effective diagnosis and monitoring for Pregnant Mothers in Uganda

Since everyone can get a UTI from a dirty toilet or sexual partner, UriSAF allows you to test your urine in their privacy, get to share results with their doctor and get prescriptions.

The last mile solution to reduce the 800 women who die each day from preventable causes related to childbirth and pregnancy. What can it detect? Acidosis, dehydration, diabetic ketoacidosis, diarrhea,kidney failure, kidney tubular acidosis, pyloric obstruction, respiratory alkalosis, urinary tract infection more to be identified. Urine tells a lot on what is happening in your body.

UriSAF is a portable healthcare kit for maternal and sexual reproductive healthcare for testing UTI’s gestational diabetes, ketosis and things mothers test for when they go for antenatal care check ups.

Sign The Petition Telling World Leaders to Deliver on Their Promise to End Hunger.

The agenda is about to be set. Priorities will be made and cut. We need your help to put food on the table for the world’s poor, before it’s too late.

Representatives from the G7 countries are meeting in Rome, Italy this Friday to discuss priorities for the G7 Summit in May. They could either take action, or forget their promise to end hunger by 2030.Save the Hungry

Sign the petition telling world leaders to deliver on their promise to end hunger.

In 2015, world leaders from the G7 set the ambitious target of lifting 500 million people out of hunger and malnutrition by 2030. In the same year, the G7 leaders (along with the rest of the world leaders) agreed to end all forms of malnutrition by 2030, for all people. But we are still waiting on them to fulfill their promise.
For every child that will die today from malnutrition and every person that will go to bed hungry tonight, we need leaders from the G7 to act urgently to make their commitments a reality.

Thousands of Global Citizens have already signed the petition to make food a priority at this year’s G7 Summit and now – with very little time left – we are asking for your support.

There’s not much time. Add your name to the petition NOW and ask world leaders to urgently deliver their promise.