YITEDEV and KIRUCODO Exhibited Low-Cost Two-Bricks Super Clean Cooking Rocket Stoves (2BSCRS) at MUDINFO Annual Exhibition

IMG_0916Youths In Technology and Development Uganda (YITEDEV) and Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) showcased their Low-Cost Two-Bricks Super Clean Cooking Rocket Stoves (2BSCRS) during Mukono District NGO Forum (MUDINFO) annual exhibition in October from 18th -20th October 2018 at Mukono District Headquarters. The 2BSCRS uses only three small firewood pieces to cook for 5 hours and 1kg of charcoal for 15 hours. Below is how it looked like in photos.

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Two Brick Super Clean Cooking Rocket Stoves

Youths in Technology and Development Uganda (YITEDEV) works with communities, and partner organizations including social enterprises in Uganda to manufacture and distribute Two Bricks Super Clean Cook Stove that offers last mile distribution, save lives, money, time, environment, improve livelihoods and empower the marginalized

Partner Type: Implementer

Organization Type:  Not for profit

Organizational expertise:
Adoption, behavior change, distribution, technology, back engineering technology, monitoring and evaluation

Technology: Clay, Mud, Saw-dust

Clean cooking activities: 
To develop a portfolio of clean cooking technologies for Uganda’s poorest using a user-centered design and partnership approach


Implementing projects in a humanitarian setting; establishing partnerships among a wide variety of stakeholders; developing the most cost-efficient manufacturing and supply chain strategy; and sharing lessons learned


Converting Efficient Low-Cost Two-Bricks Super Clean Cooking Rocket Stoves (2BSCRS) from Firewood to Charcoal

IMG_9863During user experience sharing session conducted in Mukono District, we realized that some families preferred a model which can easily be converted from firewood to charcoal. The conversion is made easily by inserting a perforated metal plate in between the upper and bottom bricks as per the photos below. Again, you can also insert a developed holed thin clay sheet.

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Improved Efficient Low-Cost Two-Bricks Super Clean Cooking Rocket Stoves (2BSCRS)

IMG_9843After critical review of the feedback collected from users of the first developed Efficient Low-Cost Two-Bricks Super Clean Cooking Rocket Stoves (2BSCRS), KIRUCODO and YITEDEV Teams under the leadership of SUN24 have come up with an improved stove.

The improved model has the following:

-Easily installed metal pot rests which can be removed and stored every after use.

-The stove is big enough to the extent that is is now possible to cook a meal of a bigger family.

-Uses less firewood

-Produces very little smoke

-Cooks very fast with very minimal energy loss.

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Tech for Social Good with a Focus at Youth and Community Development

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